Caleuche Homenaje A Folam

The Caleuche gets its title number 465 after winning the "Homenaje A Folam"

Maracanazo50 Noventena 17

The Maracanazo50 gets its title number 460 after winning the "Noventena 17"

Cazurrines Noventena 20

New title for the Cazurrines after winning to Jubeniles

Antiraza Noventena 21

The Antiraza wins "Noventena 21" after having done a great football throughout the tournament

Elche Otra Mas J56

The Elche wins the "Otra Mas J56"

Kelme Putopsoe

New title for the Kelme after winning to Rcd España

Real Canet For Five

The Real Canet gets strengthen their ranking after winning the "For Five"

Cantabrvs Ganadores

New title for the Cantabrvs after winning to Tricolor

Elche Kryptonite 46

The Elche demonstrates its football and wins "Kryptonite 46"

Juancho Nada Que Perder

The Juancho is imposed on By Machine and takes the "Nada Que Perder"