The Berlín hires to Carrasco.
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Transfers - Berlín

Transfers - Berlín Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Berlín hires to Carrasco.

Zocueca Zocueca 4 - 3 Berlín

Many goals in a match in which Quero D. has been the best.

Berlín Berlín 4 - 3 At Gilenense

Spectacular game of the Escan Cup.

Berlín Gana Nacional

New title for the Berlín after winning to Zocueca

Berlín Super League 6-17

The Berlín gets its title number 707 after winning the "Super League 6-17"

Berlín Transfers - Berlín

Ipesumu accepts the contract offer of Berlín.

U.T.C Berlín 2 - 3 U.T.C

Good match of Vamos Nacional (day: 6).

Berlín Berlín 5 - 4 Breogán FC

Epic match in which the great performance of Hoyos led his team to victory.