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Manager 1

Ud Fregeneda Ascodepoliticos 80

The Ud Fregeneda is shown intractable and wins "Ascodepoliticos 80"

Calientabanc El Copón

The Calientabanc gets its title number 5 after winning the "El Copón"

Olympiakoz Norte

The Olympiakoz is shown intractable and wins "Norte"

Elche Qdobolus46

The Elche is imposed on Pirates and takes the "Qdobolus46"

C.F. Rextons Transfers - C.F. Rextons

J. Lillo buy to C.F. Rextons with a contract of 53,025,558 seasons.

Popo1 Transfers - Popo1

Kolich Z. accepts the contract offer of Popo1.

Tartessos CF Transfers - Tartessos CF

B. Díez buy to Tartessos CF with a contract of 27,003,306 seasons.

Margarita Transfers - Margarita

The Margarita hires to B. Toma.

Nun Alvares Transfers - Nun Alvares

Kolovrat accepts the contract offer of Nun Alvares.

El Gran Lito Transfers - El Gran Lito

Mehmet buy to El Gran Lito with a contract of 2,024,556 seasons.