Willever Mora1

The Willever gets its title number 105 after winning the "Mora1"

Zocueca Mora3

The Zocueca demonstrates its football and wins "Mora3"

Rangers F.C. Youth League 34

The Rangers F.C. wins with authority the "Youth League 34"

Gabi .Cf Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

The Gabi .Cf demonstrates its football and wins "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Fc Juarez Gallina Xeneize 489

The Fc Juarez wins "Gallina Xeneize 489" after having done a great football throughout the tournament

Bufalos Team Gallina Xeneize 490

The Bufalos Team gets strengthen their ranking after winning the "Gallina Xeneize 490"

Willever Mora2

The Willever is shown intractable and wins "Mora2"

Aviacion FC Mora4

The Aviacion FC wins the "Mora4"

Los Lagartos Transfers - Los Lagartos

Slavchev accepts the bid of Los Lagartos.

Fc Arañas Transfers - Fc Arañas

Valdez N. accepts the contract offer of Fc Arañas.