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Bufalos Team Super League 2-1

The Bufalos Team wins the "Super League 2-1"

Elche Super League 2-2

The Elche gets its title number 853 after winning the "Super League 2-2"

Real Politic Super League 3-1

The Real Politic wins the "Super League 3-1"

Falcie Super League 3-2

The Falcie wins the "Super League 3-2"

Bvb Dortmund Barza

The Bvb Dortmund is shown intractable and wins "Barza"

Nuñez Super League 3-3

The Nuñez wins the "Super League 3-3"

Luz Negra Super League 3-4

The Luz Negra wins the "Super League 3-4"

Gabyta FC Cup Cup 5

The Gabyta FC gets strengthen their ranking after winning the "Cup Cup 5"

Lukita Super League 4-1

New title for the Lukita after winning to Apaches

Glorioso 89 Super League 4-2

The Glorioso 89 is shown intractable and wins "Super League 4-2"