Selknam Fiestaspatrias

New title for the Selknam after winning to Pelilones

Losalcone2 Junior Lesgue 35

The Losalcone2 wins the "Junior Lesgue 35"

Mandarino FC Transfers - Mandarino FC

T. Jalón accepts the contract offer of Mandarino FC.

Feste Peste Transfers - Feste Peste

Montenegro buy to Feste Peste with a contract of 42,000,000 seasons.

Real Colico Transfers - Real Colico

The Real Colico hires to Rius.

Michigan Transfers - Michigan

The Michigan hires to Peterson.

República F. Transfers - República F.

Lastra accepts the contract offer of República F..

Rojo Y Negro Transfers - Rojo Y Negro

The Rojo Y Negro hires to Aboubakar.

Elvarca Transfers - Elvarca

N. Flynn accepts the contract offer of Elvarca.

Pochok Transfers - Pochok

Adán buy to Pochok with a contract of 50,000 seasons.