Tricolor Otra Mas 150

New title for the Tricolor after winning to Los Santos

D Huracan Z Txiki Kopa 40

The D Huracan Z wins the "Txiki Kopa 40"

Falcie Ufhfjek

The Falcie gets strengthen their ranking after winning the "Ufhfjek"

Trueno FCc Transfers - Trueno FCc

Saravia buy to Trueno FCc with a contract of 79,000,000 seasons.

Liganacional Transfers - Liganacional

Zixin buy to Liganacional with a contract of 83,000,000 seasons.

F.C. Barca Transfers - F.C. Barca

Ipuvo accepts the contract offer of F.C. Barca.

Macho Alfa Transfers - Macho Alfa

The Macho Alfa hires to Holzhauser.

Pasiflor Transfers - Pasiflor

T. Borras buy to Pasiflor with a contract of 56,703 seasons.

Kaspers Transfers - Kaspers

Schmiedebach buy to Kaspers with a contract of 89,671 seasons.

Ac Caiman Transfers - Ac Caiman

The Ac Caiman hires to P. Zepeda.