Manager 1



  • Alliances
    • Alliances allow clubs join to win championships, win money, and make friends.
    • Alliances have a captain. Only users who have ever been in the Top 500 can form
    • Other users can apply to enter the alliance, and the captain will decide accept or reject applications.
    • The captains can accept new managers in the alliance. They can also drive the managers.
    • The captain can close the alliance only when the alliance is not registered in a competition.
  • Competitions
    • Alliance competitions are created randomly by the system, and has a prize of 270,000,000.
    • The winner alliance will get a gold medal and a prize of 270,000,000 to be shared among the members.
    • The second alliance will get a silver medal and a prize of 135,000,000 to be shared among the members.
    • The third alliance will get a bronze medal and a prize of 67,500,000 to be shared among the members.
  • Match days
    • Alliances will play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Tuesday: Round 1 (Quarter-finals)
    • Wednesday: Day 2 (Semifinals)
    • Thursday: Day 3 (Final)
    • Therefore, alliances play a tournament per week.
  • Battles
    • Alliance matches are called battles. In battles play the starters of each alliance.
    • The starters of both alliances will face in 3 matches, and the result of these matches, will decide the outcome of the battle.
  • Line Up
    • Alliance captain will decide who are the starters.
    • It is recommended that this decision is made taking into account the views of all members of the alliance, in order to share effort.
  • Ranking
    • Alliances have their own ranking, and is calculated from the titles.
    • The users of each of the alliance will receive awards, but these awards will not be counted for ranking of clubs.
  • Restrictions
    • In an alliance, only allowed 3 Top 100.
    • The number of members of the alliance should be 6. If the numbers of clubs is less than 6, the alliance is considered incomplete and will not compete.