Private competitions
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Private competitions


Private competitions

In addition of Super League and Super Cup, the clubs can participate in private championships. These championships have the following features:
  • The championships are created by a manager. His club is automatically signed up in the championship.
  • The creator of the competition must specify:
    • Name of competition
    • Category: Pressional / Youth
    • Registration cost
    • Number of participants
    • Type: League / Play-Off
    • Number of days to the start of the championship.
    • Hour of play.
  • Other managers may seek private competitions and sign up.
  • The champion will win: [Registration cost] X [Number of participants]
  • If the competition is Play-Off type, every match will be played at a neutral stadium. The winner will win the amount collected by the stadium.
  • Teams may participate in 3 championships simultaneously: Super League, Super Cup and a private championship. When you finish the private competition, managers may participate in another private championship.
  • Keep in mind that participation in privates championships is an economic benefit to the clubs, but may also increase the fatigue of the players.