In Manager 1, each season has a duration of 30 days.
Each day you will play at least one game. You can see the schedule of matches in the next 24 hours in the "Agenda of games."
On Manager 1, matches are played live and users have the ability to make changes in the breaks.
You can watch the games in 3D (only on PCs), 2D (from PCs, tablets and smartphones). Also you can watch statistics and summaries.
Your team will play a round of Super League all days (except during the preseason).
If you decide to create your youth team, you can also participate in youth competitions and Cyndi Cup.
Manager 1 has a sophisticated system of transfers: transfers, players exchange, loans, etc ...
You will have to hire coaches and train your players to improve their projection.
Of course, you have to take care of all the economic management of the club sponsors, stadium, contracts, merchandising, etc ...