Manager 1



Data of the player Technical description Vision Physical description
  • Level (LV): Indicates the level of the player.
  • Attack (AT): Indicates the player profile. If the player has a high offensive profile, movements will be more attacking.
  • Defender (DF): Indicates the player profile. If the player has a defensive profile, the player moves faster when defending, and also steal more balls in attempts to dribble.
  • Control (CN):
  • Shoot (SH): Indicates the accuracy of the shots.
  • Pass (PS): Indicates the accuracy of the passes.
  • Dribbling (DR): A more dribble, more likely to keep the ball when an opponent tries to steal.
  • Corpulence (CR): A more corpulence, more likely to obtain the ball on a fight with other player.
  • Speed (SP): Indicates the speed of the offensive player without the ball.
  • Power (PW): Influences the distance of the passes and shots.
  • Resistance (RS): Fatigue affects the player in every game. A more resistance, can play more consecutive games.
  • Natural Fitness (NF): Reflects the natural fitness of the players and determines whether players are more or less prone to injury. A greater natural fitness, the less likely the player be injured.
  • Mobility (MB): Specifies the freedom of movement of players.
  • Creativity (CV): The creativity of the player is one of the qualities most importants. Influences the vision of the game the player making a creative player has greater capacity for long passes and deep. This quality is necessary for players who are in the area of ??creation, that is, in the midfield.
  • Anticipation (AN): Anticipation is the player's ability to predict the behavior of the ball and the other players. Thus, a player with great anticipation. If the player is a striker will be able to get top more often, if the player is a defender or goalkeeper will be able to intercept the ball.
  • Teamwork (TW): This quality reflects the team spirit. A high value means that the player tries always benefit the team. In contrast, a low value means that the player will prepend the personal benefit to the team. We can say that in this case a low value is not strictly negative for the player, for example, a center is interesting delatero having an individualistic nature.
  • Off the ball (OB): This quality indicates the intelligence of the movements of the player when not in possession of ball.