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Manager 1



To choose an sponsor is one of the most important sources of income in M1. You must consider different factors when choosing.
  • Base amount: Income for the Club accepting the contract conditions
  • Revenue per victory: Revenue that the club will get for each win.
  • Revenue per draw: Revenue that the club will get for each match.
  • Percentage per title: Sponsor will pay to the club a percentage of the title won, while the contract is active. So, if a title has a value of 10Mill, and the Percentage per title is 10%, then the sponsor give 1Mill (10% of 10Mill) to the club.
  • Grant for transfers: Sponsor will finance a percentage of transfers while the contract is valid. So if the club bya a player, that has a value of 50Mill, and grant for transfers has a value of 10 %, the the sponsor will pay 5Mill (10 % of 50Mill) to the club.