Manager 1



Users must manage contracts of the players.
  • Contracts can be terminated. This means compensation for the player.
  • You can make players be transferable in order lower the selling price.
  • The clubs can have 25 professional players and 12 homegrown player in the first team.
  • The homegrown players belong to the first team but do not take professional record. The maximum age is 21 years. While they gain the right level to be professional, they can play some matches to avoid tiredness to professional players.
  • Youth teams can play youth competitions to amortize the costs of training. The maximum age is 17 years.
  • The end of season is officially done when all the Super Leagues end.
  • At that time, the loan contracts are updated, and therefore, some players return to their clubs.
  • A day later update the other contracts, and players have their happy new year.
  • Transfer Operations
    • Direct Transfer: The buyer club negotiates the terms of a contract with the player, and pay the clause. Such transfers can only be made at the beginning of the season.
    • Loans: Clubs may negotiate loans of players. Only lower level players to 110 may be loaned.
    • Transfer Negotiation: Clubs may negotiate transfers of players at any time during the season. In these operations can buy a player for an amount agreed by both clubs. Optionally, you can include a player in the operation to lower the amount the transfer.
    • NOTE: Only allowed one transfer or assignment operation between two clubs each 30 days.